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The Tehran Jewish Committee’s Open Letter to the Judiciary Chief


اندازه نوشتار:

 On the Recent Profanations by Media and Press of the Country Against Jewish Sanctities

For the Kind Attention of His Excellency Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, the Esteemed Chief of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

It is now for some time that the manners adopted by the country’s mass media, printed press, at times, some books and certain writings, as well as certain unidentified flyers, some programs broadcasted by the radio and television stations dealing with the question of Judaism and the Jewish community, have changed drastically in such a way that has raised alarm and caused anxiety among the Jewish community in Iran. To make matters worse, the aforementioned causes of concern have been coupled with threats through crank calls and letters containing profanities made and sent to some Iranian citizens of Jewish faith.

Apart from the issue of the current campaign against the Zionists and their atrocious measures, for which the Iranian Jewish community has taken the appropriate measures to be among the forefront leading communities to make tangible contribution to the cause, we now stand witness to the regrettable fact that quite a few biased and provocative articles are published almost on daily basis and these most, if not all, contain false and selected interpretations from the Jewish religious books and words of Hebrew prophets. These articles not only fail to be in line with the principles of the Jewish faith and other divine religions but also stand in absolute contrast to the mottos, objectives and performances of the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) political system.

The Iranian Jewish community, which enjoys a long and enduring history of peaceful coexistence with their Muslim compatriots in Iran and has employed all means available to these Iranian citizens to bring fruition to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, led by the late Imam Khomeini (RH) and actively participated in the 8-year-long Iraqi imposed war on this country, now feels extremely disappointed and discouraged in face of the current biased writings that is said to be in line with the campaign against Zionism taken up by the noble Muslims and  people of the world, since it seems that the campaign is gradually being translated into a useless  confrontation among religions.

. . The writers and authors of the aforementioned articles and books seem to be bent on trying to mislead the revolutionary combatants and the public opinion by their distorted writings and extremist religious and sectarian approaches.    We wonder if it is not a well-founded maxim in the IRI that every citizen must fully comply with the laws of the country express his allegiance to them

It is worth to mention that the provisions of article 1 and 18 of the International Human Rights declaration, the provisions of articles 1, 3, and 4 of the declaration for doing away with all features religious discrimination and ethnic bigotry based on compliance with the affording considerations to the Jewish religious and ethnic rights, irrespective of their nationality and their citizenship status are in support the said statements and the provisions of articles 13,14, 19, 20, and 37 of the IRI constitution as well as the visions held by the late Imam Khomeini (RH) in addition to the principle of international right have all put the seal of approval on the rights of the Iranian Jews.

. . . We should like to draw your attention to the response made by the late Imam (RH) to a foreign journalist in this connection:

Quoted question: Being an Iranian citizen has rendered a strong foundation to the nation-statehood of the country and religious differences have created little, if any, frictions among the religious minorities, such as the Jews, the Christians, or the clerics of the religious minorities in Iran. How would the religious minorities fare under the government of your choice?

Quoted Answer: Islamism has created much stronger ties among Iranian citizens than their national citizenship status. The religious minorities not only enjoy the very same freedom as others but also it is incumbent upon the Islamic government to defend the rights of all established religious minorities of the country as well; furthermore, every Iranian citizen has the right to enjoy the very same social rights enjoyed by all citizens no matter whether they are Muslims, Christians or Jews or of another faith for that matter.

[Extracted from the text script of Imam Khomeini’s (RH) interview with a German daily on November 15, 1979] 

. . . It goes without saying that the contents and principles of Judaism faith have not been subjected to fundamental change ever since the time of the holy Prophet of Islam (SWAS) and in light of the holy Prophet’s full understanding of the Judaist faith nature, the Prophet of Islam (SWAS) could never entertain the idea of extermination of the Jews and profanation of the religion.

Those who are now, after the passage of 1400 years, engaged in making new interpretations of the Quranic verses pertaining to the divine promise of destroying all the Jews are expectedly thought as being totally divorced from the teachings of the holy Prophet of Islam (SWAS).

. . . Briefly, such approaches as mentioned in the above boil down to mere anti-Semitism and a true manifestation of racism, while God the Almighty has said in the holy Quran that individuals must be judged based on their actions and their faith. (Citation of Quranic verses Al-Umran, Verses 113-114 in support of the latter statement). Translation:

“Not all believers of monotheistic faiths are similar in their natures. Some behave and conduct themselves finely and recite divine verses in the small hours of the night and kowtow to the Almighty since they believe in the resurrection day and try to engage in charitable actions and refrain from evil manners as well rush to volunteer in doing good deeds. These individuals are among the elites.”

“We have set a clear path for the nations of every single monotheistic faith and if God wished so he would have brought all the nations into a single one. However, he desired to test you by giving you what he has. So, try to compete against one another in performing good deeds. Every person ultimately returns to God and then He will inform you of the nature of your disputes.” (Maedeh, 48)

Your Excellency, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi:   While once again the Iranian Jewish community declares its unswerving allegiance and adherence to the values of the Islamic Republic of Iran and shall take pains to live up to the expectations of being dutiful citizens in the service to this country and by way of safeguarding the national Iranian and Jewish religion values, this community insists that the biased propaganda campaign and violation of rights against it be stopped in concurrence with the establishment and institutionalization of the Iranian citizens’ rights as a more realistic perspective of the current numerous political and social woes, which stare at our dear country in the face, is contemplated in the national and international arenas. We should like to insist that the complaints enumerated in this letter be followed up at the earliest and expedient measures be put into effect to stop the profanation and cultural onslaught waged against the Jewish sanctities.

We are of the opinion that any disregard or negligence afforded to the perpetrators violators and writers of the aforementioned articles, at least in some specific cases of the kind, would be tantamount to severe and imminent menace to the social security of the Jewish citizens in this country.

The Iranian Jewish community insists on safeguarding and maintaining all its citizenship right and privileges for spending living in its motherland country of the IRI. We are Jews and would like to remain as Jews but our faith has inextricably been mingled with our love for Iran and the Iranian people.

We should like the present propaganda onslaught against Judaist faith and Iranian Jews to be brought to a halt.

We take pride in the fact that we have been lucky to be spared from falling into the trap set for us by the Zionists to make us emigrate to America and Israel.

Undoubtedly, the crass ignorant can never persuades us to renounce our citizenship to turn us into cannon fodder for the Zionist entity.

We hereby enclose some cases of the unprecedented aforementioned provocative onslaught inflicted upon the Iranian Jewish community by some press and writings that are regarded as veritable direct insults to the Jews and their faith.

Yours very truly

Board of Directors of Tehran Jewish Committee





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