Habakkuk the Prophet, Hosting Kermanshah's Jews


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The word Habakkuk in Hebrew means "embraced". It is said that when Habakkuk the Prophet was a small kid, following the request of his mother, he was given a second life. His mother embraced the dead child and put him in his bed, then she started Teffila and before ending the Teffila, the child was resurrected. This is the reason why the name Habakkuk was given to the child. Habakkuk the Prophet (PBUH), was appointed as a prophet after Yasheia the Prophet (PBUH) and two years before the birth of Christ. There is no sufficient information available from his place and date of birth. But what we can derive from the writings of the historians and researchers is that he was once the manager and guardian of religious ceremonies of Hazrat Soleyman Temple in Urshalim and after than when Bakhtolnasr- tyrant king of Kaldeh (Babel)- conquered Urshalim, Habakkuk along with a large number of the Jews including Daniel the Prophet were taken captive by Bakhtolnasr troops and they transferred them to Babel and they were kept imprisoned for years. This was until the Cyrus, Iranian King, conquered Babel and freed the prisoners and motivated them to return to Urshalim. Apparently, the Prophet along with some of his followers headed to go to Iran and they settled at a place currently known as Toyserkan. He passed away and was buried at the same place. His name is mentioned in Torah and he has a high position in Jewish religion.
His shrine is one of the oldest structures of Iranians that goes back to 2500 years ago and considering its interesting architectural style, there is a great possibility that it relates to Seljuks era. The structure is located at southeast of Toyserkan. The grave of this prophet is exactly located in the middle of the courtyard, with a stone placed on the grave and there is an inscription in Farsi and Hebrew. It is said that his father's name was Shioua Lovit, and his mother's name was Lesho Namit.
The shrine is surrounded by an octagonal wall and its dome, but later it was found that there is a big basement underneath, which consists of three parts or three floors, and apparently it has remained untouched and hidden.
The pilgrimage tour of "visiting Habakkuk Hannavi" was held in Toyserkan on Friday, 25th of September, thanks to the newly-established Youths Organization, Kermanshah Union. The program was greatly welcomed by Kermanshah's Jews.
The visitors of Habakkuk performed a group Teffila prayer at the shrine of Habakkuk the Prophet. After performing the Tehilim-reading session, the visitors went for lunch in Serkan Garden.
The passengers sit beneath the shadow of 5000-year-old plane trees of the garden; the trees have been registered in Cultural Heritage List.
Younger visitors are busy with playing and enjoying and the elders speak on the old history of their society in the western part of the country. After a few hours, Habakkuk's guests go to the city market for shopping and after buying souvenirs, once more they convey their greetings and respects to the sacred shrine of the Prophet and leave Kermanshah and head towards Kermanshah.





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